(Sir John) Mason Conclaves

Application Procedure:

  1. Applications are made through submission of the completed Template (which can be downloaded here) which is then emailed to
  2. Conclaves are expected to last two days and be for 4 to 10 people. Arriving on wednesday the conclave will be held on Thursday and Friday
  3. Conclaves in the UK will be held at the Sir Christopher Wren hotel and spa in Windsor a lovely setting in the shadow of Windsor Castle on the Thames on the bridge between Windsor and Eton. Heathrow is only a 15-20 minute taxi drive away.
  4. A report on the conclave should be sent within one month of the visit. Reports should summarise the outcomes and future plans (a prerequisite for Mason Conclaves is to deliver an action (e.g. a bid, a review, a discussion document etc). Reports should typically be no more than two pages. Failure to submit a report within time will result in the applicant being refused any further funding and no candidates from the applicant’s institution will be considered by the Trust until such a report is delivered.
  5. The submitted material will be sent to the Awards Committee for review.

The Committee will review the application against three major criteria:

  • Scientific Background – Is the Topic relevant to the research fields supported by the Trust?
  • Benefit of the Conclave - What is the aim of the Conclave? What are likely outcomes and how will they benefit the wider scientific community?
  • Why is a Conclave the best mechanism for the proposed outcomes and why are there no alternative funding schemes?

Funding FAQs

  • Who can apply? Conclaves are open to researchers of all nations. In accord with Sir John Mason’s support of younger researchers some priority will be given to early career academics.
  • Where can a Conclave be held? A UK venue close to Heathrow will be offered but the Trust will consider applications for hosting a Conclave at another European venue should the applicants provide evidence of financial benefit.
  • Costs? Conclaves are expected to last one to two days and be for 4 to 6 people. The Trust will cover the following costs. Travel to and from the venue. Maximum of two nights accommodation and subsistence at the venue. Participants will be reimbursed directly for travel and subsistence. Venue hire and accommodation may be arranged directly between the Trust and the Venue.
  • Conference Support. The Trust will provide support for attending a Conclave at the UK Venue and provide administrative support for reimbursement of participants.