Professor Paulo Limao-Vieira

After graduating from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal, he has completed his PhD in Atomic and Molecular Physics at University College London (UK) in 2003. He return to NOVA as Assistant Professor setting up the Atomic and Molecular Collisions Laboratory which has been mainly devoted to novel experiments in negative ion formation in atom-molecule collision experiments and electron energy loss spectroscopy of biological and aeronomic relevant molecules. Appointed head of research at Centre of Physics and Technological Research since 2008 and from 2012 Associate Professor in Physics. His current research interests include the electronic state spectroscopy of biomolecules, aeronomic and plasma processing molecules by interaction with photons and electrons; Charge transfer experiments on atom-(bio)molecule collisions with negative ion formation. Other research interests include positron scattering from atoms and molecules. He has more than 170 publications in international refereed journals. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Physics, UK.