Professor E Krishnakumar

After graduating from Calicut University in Kerala, India gained his PhD from the Physical Research Laboratory / Gujarat University, Ahmedabad with a Thesis entitled ‘Photoionization of Atomized and Molecular Gases’. He has been a leading researcher at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bombay being appointed full Professor in 2002. He was Chairman of the Department of Nuclear and Atomic Physics, TIFR (2003 - 2008). He was a research fellow at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CALTECH, Pasadena 1985-88 and in 2008-10 held a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship at The Open University, UK.

He is an internationally leading researcher whose expertise in experimental studies of electron interactions with atoms and molecules is world renowned. He has pioneered the use of velocity map imaging in the study of the dynamics of dissociative electron attachment, his work providing the impetus to more than a dozen groups worldwide. He has published over 100 papers in many of the World’s leading journals whilst organising many leading conferences. He has supervised 14 students to their PhDs many of whom have subsequently been appointed to academic positions.