Ms. Anushree Soni

Internship Institute: NASA Ames Research Centre, California, United States of America

I am currently working at the Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research center. For the period of my internship I am in the process of developing a Standardized Distributed Systems workshop that will be conducted in the fall of this year. The aim of this workshop is to determine the feasibility of developing standardized distributed systems architecture that can be utilized and customized for different applications. The workshop will bring together experts from all across the industry and further discuss the implication of modifying the existing control infrastructures. Furthermore, I am also working on further finalizing the details and documentation for the Hibernation Workshop. This workshop will address the phenomenon of Hibernation through three major aspects: Hibernation on Earth, Hibernation in space, and knowledge gaps in the approaches to future deep space exploration. The primary objective of the workshop is to explore the current state of science in the area of Hibernation, and as a scientific community, explore the gaps and challenges preventing this scientific field from advancing to the next level.