Small Grants and Bursaries

Application Procedure:

  1. Applications are made through submission of the completed Template (which can be downloaded here) which is then emailed to
  2. The applicant must also attach the following to the email:
    • A Letter of invitation to the applicant from a senior Researcher affiliated to the Host institution.
    • A motivation letter including an overview of the proposed activities that will be performed which must contain a plan of work for the visit. The letter should typically be no more than two pages of A4). A possible layout consists of 1. Short introduction/abstract; 2. Detail of the work planned 3.Why the host institute is the most appropriate for the visit. 4. Potential outcomes (publication etc).
    • A Full C.V. (including a list of academic publications – if applicable)
    • A letter of support from the Home Institution (for PhD only)
  3. The Trust considers that there should be a minimum period of usually 1 week (5 working days) in order for the exchange to have an effective outcome.
  4. A report on the exchange should be sent within one month of the visit. Reports should summarise the outcome of the exchange and plans for further collaboration. Reports should typically be no more than two pages.
    Failure to submit a report will result in the applicant being refused any further funding and no candidates from either applicant’s institution or the host will be considered by the Trust.
  5. The submitted material will be sent to the Awards committee for review. The Committee will review the application against three criteria
    • Scientific Background – Is the Topic relevant to the research fields supported by the Trust?
    • Benefit of the exchange - What is the aim of the visit and how will the visit benefit the applicant and the host?
    • Is the funding request suitable for achievement of the stated outcome and impact.
  6. The Committee will review proposals and aims to send the applicant results within two weeks of submission. NO BOOKINGS etc SHOULD BE MADE UNTIL THE COMMITTEE HAS APPROVED THE VISIT.

Funding FAQs

  • Who can receive an Award? Awards are open to researchers of all nations. In accord with Sir John Mason’s support of younger researchers priority will be given to Early Stage Researchers (ESRs); that is PhD Students, younger Postdocs and early career academics.
  • Where can an award be held? Awards are to support exchanges with UK research groups and to EU groups involved in collaborations in which the UK is a major participant.
  • Value of the award? The Trust wishes to benefit the maximum number of recipients. Therefore it seeks to support a larger number of small awards rather than a few large awards. It will favour applications in which it is providing ‘matching’ or ‘top up’ funding rather than full funding.
    Typical awards will be between £100 and £1,000
  • Conference Support. The Trust will not support conference attendance but will support visits to research groups pre and post the Conference to maximise the effectiveness of travel by ESR to an international conference.